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Certified Seed Wheat

PlainsGold Varieties

PlainsGold Wheat Varieties

PlainsGold was first introduced in 2012, and has some of the leading winter wheat varieties. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, PlainsGold is owned by the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation (CWRF) and serves to market all certified wheat varieties developed by Colorado State University (CSU).

Hard Red Winter Wheat


CSU release (2016), marketed by PlainsGold. Early maturing semidwarf. Good drought stress tolerance and winterhardiness, stripe rust resistance, and quality. Medium coleoptile. Carries wheat curl mite resistance from Byrd parent. Very high yield potential for irrigation, but straw strength requires use of growth regulator.


CSU release (2015), marketed by PlainsGold. Doubled haploid-derived line, similar to Byrd with higher yield potential, larger kernels, and slightly improved quality. Carries wheat curl mite resistance from TAM 112 parent. Susceptible to stripe rust.

Byrd CL Plus

CSU release (2018), marketed by PlainsGold. Two-gene Clearfield wheat in Byrd background. Highly similar to Byrd with exception of tolerance to Beyond herbicide. Excellent drought tolerance and quality. Has shown some non solid-stem based tolerance to wheat stem sawfly. Certified seed only.

Crescent AX

CSU release (2018), marketed by PlainsGold. CoAXium wheat for winter annual grassy weed control. Approximately 66% Byrd and 34% Hatcher parentage. Earlier and much improved yield and test weight relative to Incline AX. Intermediate reaction to stripe rust and carries wheat curl mite resistance from Byrd parent. Certified seed only.

Amplify SF

CSU release (2021), marketed by PlainsGold. Medium height, medium maturity. Carries semi-solid stem trait for partial resistance to the wheat stem sawfly. Certified seed only.

Brawl CL Plus

CSU release (2011), marketed by PlainsGold. Two-gene Clearfield wheat. Excellent test weight, straw strength, milling and baking quality. Early maturity, medium height, long coleoptile. Intermediate reaction to both stripe rust and leaf rust. Certified seed only.

Hard White Winter Wheat

Snowmass 2.0

CSU release (2018), marketed by PlainsGold in CWRF-Ardent Mills UltraGrain Premium Program. Hard white wheat, quality profile very similar to Snowmass but low polyphenol oxidase (PPO) and better grain protein deviation. Good stripe and stem rust resistance and wheat streak mosaic virus resistance. Good straw strength, good test weight. Certified seed only.


CSU release (2017), marketed by PlainsGold in CWRF-Ardent Mills UltraGrain Premium Program. Good stripe rust resistance, sprouting tolerance, straw strength, grain protein deviation, and quality. Very high test weight, lower polyphenol oxidase (PPO) activity for improved whole grain bread and noodle quality. Certified seed only.

Windom SF

Windom SF is a new hard white winter wheat variety that carries a stem-solidness trait that was developed to help wheat growers combat the wheat stem sawfly. Windom SF will be part of the Ardent Mills UltraGrain® Premium Program.

Kansas Wheat Alliance Varieties

Kansas Wheat is a collaboration between the Kansas Wheat Commission and the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers. It is a grower funded and governed organization working to secure the future of wheat and increase producer productivity and profitability through research, education, and domestic and international market development.

Kansas Varieties

Hard Red Winter Wheat

KS Dallas

KS Dallas has a strong disease package with WSMV resistance up to 21C. It has intermediate resistance to stripe rust and good resistance to leaf rust and stem rust. It is susceptible to soilborne mosaic virus and moderately susceptible to Hessian fly.

KS Providence

KS Providence is an extremely high yielding variety with good resistance to leaf and stem rust. It is intermediate to stripe rust, resistant to soil-borne mosaic virus and has an intermediate response to acid soils. The FHB resistance will likely be adequate for producers in the central corridor. The primary benefit of this line is very high yield potential.

KS Territory

KS Territory is a high yielding variety well adapted for the drought conditions in the central high plains. It carries the Wsm2 gene for wheat streak mosaic resistance. It has moderate resistance to stripe, leaf and stem rusts; and good resistance to Hessian fly. This medium height, medium maturity variety also has intermediate resistance to Triticum mosaic virus, making is especially well suited to areas where both wheat streak mosaic virus and Triticum mosaic virus are a concern.

WestBred Varieties

Wheat is part of the small grains industry, but it's a big deal to us. That's why we offer more than access to our exceptional germplasm and breeding innovation. Our proven, region-specific wheat varieties are locally tested to deliver superior yield potential.

WestBred Varieties

Hard Red Winter Wheat


WB4792 has shown strong Western adaptation with excellent yield potential, good wheat streak mosaic virus resistance, and very good yellow stripe rust resistance.


WB4483 has a solid stem for improved wheat stem sawfly management. It has very good yield potential, good yellow stripe rust resistance, and very good winter hardiness.


WB4422 has excellent yield potential and test weight. It has very good milling quality, baking quality, and protein content.


WB4733CLP is a new release from WestBred. It is a Clearfield Plus Variety and has a solid stem for improved wheat stem sawfly management.

LimaGrain Varieties

LimaGrain Wheat Varieties

Limagrain Cereal Seeds is headquartered in Colorado with research stations and partnered land grant universities across the nation. They are dedicated to developing new and improved grain varieties for different climates, soils, and growing conditions. While we don't have any LimaGrain varieties on hand, we have the contacts to be able to provide you with LimaGrain varieties if you are interested in trying one.

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