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Ag Chemicals

Anderson Wheat Farms also carrries a full line of crop protection products to fit your farming needs.


  • Aggressor

  • Beyond

  • Amber

  • Powerflex

  • Metsulfuron

  • Fungicides


  • Glyphosate

  • Status

  • Dual Products

  • Laudis

  • Aim EC

  • Diflexx

  • Fungicides


  • Glyphosate

  • Dicamba

  • Spartan

  • Valor

  • Colt-Salvo


  • Premium MSO

  • Agri-Dex (Crop Oil)

  • Grounded

  • Choice Weather Master

  • Activator 90

Given the uncertainty and volatile marketplace conditions as it relates to chemical availability and pricing, we will continue to work with you to secure competitive pricing, timely service, and products tailored for your operation.

Product Trials

Black Label Zn

Black Label® Zn (6-20-0 0.77 Zn) is a phosphate fertilizer formulated with Linear Humus Components (LHC) - to provide sound, efficient and immediately available phosphate based nutrition. This product is being tested on some wheat this season. It was topdressed with 32-0-0 in place of a nitrogen stabilizer with an additional added benefit.

Black Max 22

Black Max® 22 (0-0-4) is a nutritional enhancement tool designed to positively impact nutrient availability and soil attributes. This product is being tested on some irrigated and dryland corn. It is being applied in various combinaitons through the strip tiller and planter to compare best application methods and rates.


PhycoTerra® activates the soil microbiome (up to 33x) by delivering a superior balanced meal to dormant, native microbes. Waking up microbes, both bacteria and fungi, early in the season can help support your crop throughout the growing season.

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